Hulless Popcorn

Tender Pop White Popcorn - Virtually Hulless and great for snacking This Super Premium Gourmet Hulless Popcorn is tender, white, and virtually hulless. It's also amazingly delicious.

Virtually Hulless = few hulls compared to "regular" popcorn.

What does "virtually hulless" mean? It means that once the popcorn is popped, there will be very few of the hard shell-like pieces, hulls, that can be found in all popped corn. There is no truly hulless popcorn or 100% hull free popcorn. Popcorn must have a hull, called the pericarp, to hold itself together and hold in the moisture that makes it possible to pop corn in the first place.

Tender Pop™ Hulless Popcorn is an excellent choice for popcorn fans who wear braces or who otherwise need to avoid hulls.

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