A Popcorn Fundraiser: More Profit, Less Headache

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You need to raise money by selling a product, but you're facing three big problems:

Problem 1. You know that donors are tired of buying the same old products, and won't be convinced to buy more cookie dough, pizza, or candy again. The product has to sell itself.

Problem 2. Volunteers need something simple to do, and you need something simple to manage. You don't want a fundraiser to be more trouble than it's worth.

Problem 3. You're worried you can't make enough profit on each sale, or that you'll need to risk an initial investment to make money.

We understand fundraising

We know fundraising can be a headache. That's why we at Just Poppin have developed popcorn fundraisers that make it easy to raise lots of money for your cause. We've helped many different organizations sell mouthwatering popcorn to donors who rave about how delicious it is!

Imagine the best fundraiser

Popcorn for Fundraising

Donors rave about delicious popcorn!

Imagine the ideal fundraising product. It would earn a high profit, convince donors to buy, and be simple to manage. What if your fundraiser could do all that, plus generate a positive buzz? When donors talk to their friends about how much they loved the product, that's when you know you did it right!

Why popcorn is great

Our popcorn fundraisers are an excellent way to reach your goal. Here's why:

  • Our quality popcorn is delicious yet inexpensive, so you keep more profit on each sale.
  • People love a unique fundraiser. Novelty means more sales for you!
  • Everybody loves popcorn! Our popcorn is a whole-grain snack free of nuts, gluten, trans fats, GMOs, and MSG, so everyone can enjoy it.
  • Show off your team, logo, school, church, or club with custom artwork!
  • Use our Profit Popper™ program to earn 100% (or more) profit on every sale!

How to customize your fundraiser for profit

We want to make sure your fundraiser is successful! Here's how to customize it to fit your needs:

 STEP 1  Pick a sales method

Selling is fun!

Volunteers love a product that sells!

There are two ways to sell popcorn for your fundraiser.

Direct Sales

One way is to buy all the popcorn from us that you think you can sell, then sell it to your donors directly. You take their money and hand them the popcorn. This is called direct sale fundraising. This works well if you have a large audience of donors gathered in one place.


The other way is to ask your donors to fill out an order form. You take their money when they fill out the form, then you buy the popcorn from us after all the forms are filled out. We deliver the popcorn to you, then you deliver it to the donors. This is called pre-sale fundraising. This works well if you have a team of volunteers who can collect orders from family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Pre-sales fundraising includes 20 free color order forms to give to your volunteers, as well as a PDF that you can print on your own if you prefer. Additional printed forms are available at $0.25 each. We'll also include a spreadsheet so you can easily track your progress!

 STEP 2  Choose stock or custom designs

Our plastic one-gallon canisters are filled with fresh, delicious popcorn. They're resealable, so they keep the popcorn fresh. They're also recyclable, but even better, they're reusable! After the popcorn is gone, we've seen many donors use them to store food, coins, toys, parts and more.

Stock Canister Designs

We have multiple designs to choose from that are great for many occasions. This is the quickest and cheapest way to get your fundraiser going.

Farm - 1 gallon Popcorn ContainerFarm
Fishing - 1 gallon Popcorn ContainerFishing
Golf - 1 gallon Popcorn ContainerGolf
Heartland - 1 gallon Popcorn ContainerHeartland
Pop-A-Doodle Blank DIY 1 gallon Popcorn ContainerPop-A-Doodle (Blank)
America - 1 gallon Popcorn ContainerAmerica
Happy Holidays - 1 gallon Popcorn ContainerHappy Holidays
Winter Cabin - 1 gallon Popcorn ContainerWinter Cabin

Stock Canister Details

  • Artwork fee: $0
  • Minimum order: 32 canisters (4 cases of 8 canisters each)
  • Additional quantities available by the case
  • Delivery time: 3 weeks
  • Price per canister: $9.50
  • Suggested sale price: $15-$25

Stock Canister Profit Examples

  • 32 units at $15: $176 profit (37%)
  • 64 units at $25: $992 profit (62%)

Custom Canister Design

Custom canisters

Custom canister examples

If you want to show off your own logo or customized artwork, we can help you convert it for printing on our canisters for a one-time fee of $175. If you already have a graphic designer who can provide your artwork files to meet the format and design parameters our printing equipment requires, we'll discount this fee to only $50!

Custom Canister Details

  • Artwork fee: $175 (or $50 if you have your own designer)
  • Minimum order: 80 canisters (10 cases of 8 canisters each)
  • Additional quantities available by the case
  • Delivery time: 4-6 weeks
  • Price per canister: $10.00
  • Suggested sale price: $15-$25

Custom Canister Profit Examples

  • 80 units at $15 with $50 printing fee: $350 profit (44%)
  • 200 units at $25 with $50 printing fee: $2,950 profit (60%)
  • 500 units at $20 with $175 printing fee: $4,825 profit (48%)

 STEP 3  Decide if Profit Popper™ is right for you

While 50% profit is great, imagine how much more money you could keep if you sold at 100% profit–or more!

Our Profit Popper™ program allows you to raise money from sponsors by printing sponsor advertisements on the back of the popcorn canister. The money you raise is up to you! You can collect a large amount from just one sponsor, or collect smaller amounts from several. We recommend using ten or fewer sponsors, so each one gets enough space on the canister.

For example, you could ask a business to help you out with your cause by donating $100 to have their information listed on the back of your canister. You keep the $100, and we print the name, phone number, and website of the sponsor on the back of canister. Because people often reuse the canisters, the sponsor's information sticks around where it can be seen.

Using Profit Popper™ means a little more up-front work for you (asking for money from sponsors takes some convincing on your part), but it could mean the difference between an okay fundraiser and a spectacular one!

If you're already ordering a custom-printed canister, Profit Popper™ is free! Just give us the sponsor details and we'll do the rest.

If you're ordering canisters with stock designs, using Profit Popper™ will increase the minimum order size to 80, the per-canister cost to $10.00, and it'll add a one-time printing fee of $50.

Profit Popper™ Details

  • Artwork fee: $175 (or $50 if you have your own designer or use a stock design)
  • Minimum order: 80 canisters (10 cases of 8 canisters each)
  • Additional quantities available by the case
  • Delivery time: 4-6 weeks
  • Price per canister: $10.00
  • Suggested sale price: $15-$25

Profit Popper™ Examples

  • 80 units at $15 with $50 printing fee, 6 sponsors at $100 each: $950 profit (80%!)
  • 200 units at $25 with $50 printing fee, 8 sponsors at $150 each: $4,150 profit (83%!)
  • 500 units at $20 with $175 printing fee, 8 sponsors at $375 each: $7,825 profit (78%!)  

 STEP 4  Choose your flavors!

Our popcorn comes in 7 mouthwatering flavors! You can decide to offer whichever flavor choices you wish to your donors (usually fewer choices means quicker and easier donations).

Each case of 8 canisters can contain any combination of flavors. One case could contain 4 caramel, 2 cheddar, 1 English toffee, and 1 barbecue, for example.

7 Popcorn Flavors Gourmet Caramel Popcorn Gourmet White Cheddar Popcorn Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Gourmet French Vanilla Popcorn Gourmet English Toffee Popcorn Gourmet Barbecue Popcorn Gourmet Cinnamon Popcorn Image Map

Free shipping (usually!)

Free Shipping

Free shipping (usually!)

Because we'll be shipping all of the popcorn to one commercial address, not individual residences, we can pass the shipping savings on to you. That means most orders ship free!

There are two exceptions:

Residential delivery

Shipping carriers charge us extra for residential delivery, so we'll need to discuss this with you.

Very large orders shipped by freight

Very large orders ship by freight, which means the delivery truck will expect to unload at loading dock. We'll talk to you if you expect your order to be this big. We'll make sure freight delivery makes sense for the size of your fundraiser.

Tips for success

Over the years we've learned what makes a popcorn fundraiser successful. Here are a few tips we're happy to pass along:

  • Set deadlines. Keeping your sale to no more than 2 weeks will help your group stay motivated and on track.
  • Get attention. Promote your fundraising event with a display, announcement, or an email.
  • Keep it simple. Too many products or choices on your order forms can be confusing to volunteers and donors. We recommend limiting the number of designs and flavors to make donating easier. 

Get started!

Fill out this form and we'll contact you about your fundraiser. If you have questions, we'll be happy to discuss them!

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