Mushroom Popcorn News - April 1st

Government Investigating New Mushroom Popcorn Crop
National Security called into question.

Sarasota, April 1 -- Information has been trickling in from government sources about Mushroom Popcorn experiments gone awry. Earlier today, this dramatic photo was taken on a camera phone by quick thinking Florida snowbird Murry Goldstein. It seems to show substantial damage to what we've learned is the top secret popcorn lab of upstart popcorn company

The company is known worldwide as the authority on Mushroom Popcorn - a unique popcorn variety that pops into a large round ball. However, until now the company hadn't demonstrated a penchant for world domination. It's unknown where or how the popcorn was grown, but all indications are that it has properties never before seen on Earth.

The seemingly explosive nature of the new kernels has some officials scratching their heads and others flat out worried.

Homeland Security spokesman Hom N. Noir stated: "Let's just say we're looking at the situation from all angles and not ruling out any possibilities. There's no telling what this popcorn could do in the wrong hands."

Giant Mushroom Popcorn Kernel Mushroom Popcorn experts were not available for comment but did release a short statement indicating that the picture has been misinterpreted and that it is actually a photo of a planned launch of a weather balloon to be used to monitor crop moisture levels.

No further information is available at this time.

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