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We're popcorn fanatics! When we think "about us", that's the first thing that comes to mind. JustPoppin.com is the leading website for the sale of gourmet mushroom popcorn kernels, and movie theater popcorn kernels to home users, group and office users, and small business users. We have been selling online since 1998 and have outstanding ratings across the different venues we sell in and we look forward to earning YOUR trust and becoming one of your favorite internet destinations!



Our goal has been, and continues to be, bringing high quality, flavorful, gourmet popping corn such as mushroom popcorn and movie theater popcorn, popcorn flavorings and seasoning, and professional grade popcorn popping oil to home users, group and office users, and small business users, providing a good value and outstanding customer service.



Since we started the business, which incidentally began with only mushroom popcorn, we've been slowly adding new products to our offerings. So far, the products we've added, such as Flavacol and coconut popping oil are products that we use personally and realized that our customers would probably like them too. As our customer base has grown, we've started getting more suggestions about popcorn related products we should be carrying such as new varieties of gourmet popping corn, new popcorn seasoning, new popcorn equipment and other popcorn supplies. We also are beginning to add products that have been suggested by our customers. So PLEASE be sure to contact us and let us know if there is a product you'd like us to offer.

Our gourmet flavored popcorn line came about as a natural extension of our popping corn business. Besides really enjoying flavored popcorn, we wanted to give our customers more options for traditional gift giving. The popcorn tins and popcorn canisters make excellent gifts and are a great gift value. We pop and flavor the corn right at the farm so it's always fresh and delicious.

We have superior capacity to produce our flavored popcorn in large quantities as needed. This capacity has allowed us to expand our fund raising capability. We looked at other fundraising programs and retooled ours to be the easiest and most profitable fundraising program possible. Each of our customers is connected to some type of group, school, team, or church in need of raising funds and we listened to their requests. We bring our commitment to quality, flavor, and customer service to fund raising with our customers and we hope you'll let us help you on your next fundraiser.



We greatly appreciate and value our customers. We treat you the way we would like to be treated - quickly, with respect and understanding, and in a friendly manner. You are the reason we exist and we don't take that for granted. So please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Let us know how you use the items you buy from us. Send us stories, recipes, photos of the results of your popcorn experiences - we'll be creating pages on our new site to feature these things. With your participation, JustPoppin.com will become a hub of popcorn related information and activity, and a fun place for all of us!


Most of all...Thanks for shopping with us!

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