Tiny Kernel Mini Popcorn

Tiny Kernel Mini Popcorn Kernels pop small and are great for everyday snacking Mini popcorn is too cute to resist. The pint-size snack comes from small kernel popping corn. When popped, the popcorn is smaller in size than a penny. Mini popcorn kernels from Just Poppin make a great novelty gift for the popcorn lover in your life, or an everyday snack treat. This small kernel popcorn may be little, but it’s bursting with big flavor and personality.

Tiny popcorn means more popcorn in a given volume so there’s more to hold your favorite popcorn seasoning, butter, salt, or chocolate. Each bite of mini popcorn will be bursting with flavor. This small kernel popcorn is also great to use in snack blends, letting the lucky eater get a hint of popcorn in every bite.

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Itsy Bitsy Pop ™ Tiny Kernel Mini Popcorn 2 Lbs
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