Well, it's officially official - JustPoppin is closed. If you're subscribed to our emails and have read them since around November, you already know that my business partner/best friend/cherished husband, Buck, passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly at the end of October and I have been running the business as best I can since then.

If you are just now hearing about this sad news, I apologize for the shock! You can read online copies of emails I sent out and catch up - click here for email #1 and here for email #2

I have been so touched by the outpouring of love and support in the forms of several hundred emails, notes sent to me in the "comments section" of orders, and real life cards in the mailbox. It has simply blown me away. So much kindness and thoughtfulness which has truly been a source of strength, not only to me, but also to my family.

My parents went home to Australia and in the meantime, my brother, then my niece, then my sister-in-law, then my oldest brother respectively were "tag teaming" it and flying out to be with me. My family & friends are making sure that I am well cared for and supported, and not alone during this insanely difficult time. I am so grateful to have their support - I don't know how I would have made it so far without them.

So what's next for me? Honestly, I don't know! For the short term, I have plenty of things I need to take care of (too many things!!), things that I shoved onto the back-burner because I was too busy working at getting through the holidays with the business, but long term....I don't know exactly....

My short term goals are to wrap up my personal affairs here in the US and move back to Australia. My current goal is for that to happen by the end of July (but with COVID-19, things might be delayed somewhat). I will go home and live with my parents (which is fine by me as I still have a lot of mental & emotional stuff to work through and I still need their support - grief is a tricky thing). Slightly longer term goal is to simply take a year off to rest and recuperate. I will probably read a lot, indulge in some hobbies, do some volunteer work, maybe challenge myself to learn some new skills and just basically try to figure out who I am now. My life can't be the same anymore - I'm not the same anymore - and I need time to come to terms with that reality, learn who I am now and what I'm capable of, and to work towards a "different normal".

Thank you again so much for the kindness and support you've given me these past months. I truly have appreciated it more than you can know.
Many thanks

PS. If you think you might be interested in periodically hearing about my progress in this "details yet unknown" chapter of my life, then please email jennie@justpoppin.com to let me know. I'm not sure yet how we will stay connected, but I will work on something and let you know. I won't use your email address for any other purpose.

Here is a fun photo of us so you can see Buck's cute and smiley face <3
Buck and Jennie JustPoppin