Popcorn Salt Diamond Crystal - REFILL
Diamond Crystal Salt for Popcorn and Nuts

Popcorn Salt Diamond Crystal - REFILL

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Part Number:PopSalt-o-REFILL

Diamond Crystal Popcorn Salt is the best! You probably already have regular table salt, kosher salt, or other fancy salts, but trust us, when it comes to properly salting your popcorn, this ultra-fine Diamond Crystal Kosher salt for popcorn is the right product for the job.

The ultra-fine texture combined with flake-type crystals means that this Kosher salt has exceptional "cling-ability". The benefit of using ultra fine flake salt made using the Cargill exclusive Alberger process is that you will get more even salt coverage and enhanced flavor so you can actually use less than you would regular salt.

Use this 2Lb zip-top bag of Popcorn Salt to refill your Popcorn Salt Shaker bottle.

Available FREE! With any purchase of $20.00 or more of kernels, oils, and/or seasonings. Use Coupon Code FREEBAGSL2A See product page for details

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