Pop Sorghum Video: How To Use the Popped Sorghum Sifter

Our Popping Sorghum is awesome and has a really high pop ratio, but you're still going to have some un-popped or half-popped grains (as with any popped product). If you pop Sorghum on the stove, or even in one of our approved hot air poppers the un-pops get kinda toasty and are fun to eat along with the popped Sorghum. However, if you pop in the microwave, the un-pops are hard and you want to make sure to get rid of them before digging in. The Sorghum Sifter is the only utensil with holes exactly the right size for the un-popped grains to fall right through.
For your viewing pleasure, Buck demonstrates how to use the Popped Sorghum Sifter while doing his best impersonation of "Thing" from The Addams Family!
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