Mushroom Popcorn Kernels 18 Lbs International
Mushroom Popcorn

Mushroom Popcorn Kernels 18 Lbs International

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This 18 Lb bulk listing is for International Customers. The maximum total weight for International flat rate packages is 20 Lbs.

Please note that we will only ship Bulk Popcorn to existing customers. If you are new to popping Mushroom Popcorn we recommend buying the 3Lb bag first as your best value while you learn to pop this unique popcorn variety.

You have to try our delicious MUSHROOM POPCORN! Perfect for homemade caramel corn and kettle corn, the resulting popped kernels are large and round with very few pieces that stick out. These kernels pop HUGE! The expansion rate for this variety is 36-38:1.

Click here for important information on:
Mushroom Popcorn Hulls
Mushroom Popcorn & Microwave Popping

Once you use this popcorn for your caramel corn, kettle corn, or chocolate popcorn, you'll never go back to the jarred and bagged popcorn from the grocery store.


*Not individually packaged. Bulk popcorn is shipped in a heavy duty food grade bag inside a box. Please make sure you have adequate airtight storage for your kernels.

Due to the weight, the Bulk bag has a shipping cost of $95 per box.

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