Hot Air Popper for Popping Sorghum
Hot Air Sorghum Popper (Popper design may differ from photo)

Hot Air Popper for Popping Sorghum

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We now recommend the Nostalgia Electrics RHP310 Hot Air Popper for popping Pop Sorghum. While designed for popcorn (and pictured with popcorn), this popper is our top recommended Air Popper for making popped sorghum.

This popper can be found in many big box stores so we recommend you look locally first. We carry a small stock of these poppers for the convenience of our customers who are not able to purchase locally.

Quickly and easily pop delicious, nutritious Pop Sorghum in the only tested and approved Hot Air Popper for Popping Sorghum.

Before we found these poppers, we thought it wasn't possible (Trust us, we tried). You told us you wanted it so we got to work testing and reviewing in our Popcorn Test Kitchen and this is the great result.

While you can still pop Sorghum in a pot or Whirley Pop style popper on the stove, we have discovered that this hot-air popper is faster and, more importantly, much EASIER.

Please be sure to read the "How To" & "Additional Info" Tabs above for further info.

Already have a Hot Air Popcorn Popper? Contact Us with the make and model and we'll tell you if you need to buy the Sorghum Hot-Air Popper.

NOTE: This item ships separately. Design of product shipped may differ from photo.

5 Stars
Hot Air Popper for Popping Sorghum
This popper works great. As warned, there is we set it up next to the stove and turned on the exhaust fan so the smoke alarm would not go off. The popper does get very hot, so it's important to use pot holders or a towel when handling it.

And just one more comment: Your customer service is exactly on time and I enjoyed the comments on the packing slip. Thank you.
Reviewed by:  from Scottsdale, AZ. on 12/22/2012
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5 Stars
I like it
I like the popper and it works well enough, but the sorghum smokes like a son of a gun :) It set off the smoke alarm.

I just pop the stuff out on the porch and all is well. Thanks!

[Note from Just Poppin: Sorghum smokes up nicely in the air popper. It is completely normal and is just part of it's popping process. We often suggest popping the sorghum on the stove-top and turning on the exhaust fan.]
Reviewed by:  from English, IN. on 2/8/2012
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4 Stars
I purchased this to be able to make popped sorghum grain. Tried once with fair results. Lots of old maids. Tasted great. I will try again. I can't eat popcorn so this is a wonderful treat.
Reviewed by:  from East Otis MA . on 2/14/2013
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5 Stars
Great for Popping Sorghum
I have been allergic to corn since I was a teenager. Until I found sorghum, I didn't know of any alternatives. This popper works great and the sorghum tastes like what I remember from my childhood!
Reviewed by:  from Alexandria, VA. on 12/30/2012
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Questions and Answers

Q: Can you also do corn in this popper, half my family can eat corn other half cannot
Asked by: Marcella - 1/25/2015
A: Yes, you can pop popcorn in this popper. It tends to work better with smaller kernels so the varieties of popcorn that would work best are our Tender Pop Hulless Popcorn and Tiny Kernel Mini Popcorn.
Our Movie-Pop Popcorn and Organic Popcorn would be a good second choice, however we do not recommend this popper for popping our Mushroom Popcorn.

Was this answer helpful?  17 of 17 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Jennie (1/28/2015)
Q: I have a west bend stir crazy oil popper that pops sorghum well. However, I wanted to try air popping it and used my west bend air popper, but it smoked so badly it set off the smoke alarms while popping. Does the popper you recommend smoke? Should you preheat the machine first?
Asked by: Cierra - 1/18/2018
A: We're glad to hear about your good results popping Sorghum in your Stir Crazy. That's great. Popping in a hot air popper will always result in smoke. The smoke is caused by a natural wax that is part of the outer skin of each grain. It's cooking off during the heating and so you can get quite a bit of smoke/steam. That's why we pop it on the stove, right under the vent hood. This is normal and you'd get it regardless of the hot air popper that you're using or whether or not you preheat.
Hot air popping seems to generate the most smoke of the different possible popping methods.
Was this answer helpful?  11 of 11 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Buck (1/18/2018)
Q: What is this made of? Does it have some kind of coating in the machine? I need to know due to allergy reasons.
Asked by: Susan - 2/23/2016
A: The air popper's housing is plastic, and the popping chamber is metal. There is no coating in the machine.
Was this answer helpful?  10 of 10 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Jennie (2/25/2016)
Q: When will you have this popper in stock?
Asked by: Rick Hangartner - 2/21/2016
A: When our Popping Sorghum is back in stock (which should be within the next month or so) then we will make the Sorghum Hot Air Popper available for sale.

Was this answer helpful?  5 of 5 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Jennie (2/25/2016)

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