Canada Border Shipping with Kinek

Just Poppin and Kinek
Just Poppin now offers Canadian customers a cheaper way to receive their popcorn orders.
While you can still have your order shipped to your home address in Canada, Just Poppin is happy to present a service that gives Canadian customers their very own US Border Shipping Address. Kinek has 28 high-volume package receiving locations at US/Canada border crossings across the country so you don't have to pay international shipping or brokerage fees. Signing up is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to get started!
Sign Up for a free Kinek account at and select a border KinekPoint.

Shop on Just Poppin and proceed to the checkout.

Use your new KinekPoint shipping address on the Just Poppin shipping form.

That's it! When your order arrives, Kinek will notify you by email and text message.

Click the button to get started!
Disclaimer: JustPoppin is not affiliated with Kinek and takes no responsibility for any loss or damages sustained in shipping to a Kinek Point Location.
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