Brain Popcorn inspired by iZombie

What is Brain Popcorn?

What is Brain Popcorn?

Brain popcorn is the popcorn that looks like little brains or balls. It's often found in gourmet popcorn recipes and is achieved by using Mushroom Popcorn Kernels.

OK, yeah, I know, first we're talking brains, now we're talking mushrooms! Stick with us here, we promise it will make sense! Mushroom Popcorn is an "industry term" and it's named this because of the round, ball shapes that the popcorn produces when it pops, which is very unique and un-like "regular" or "butterfly" popcorn. The round shapes look like mushrooms, or mushroom clouds - hence the name. You're welcome! :P

Where does iZombie fit in?

Well, zombies love brains (so they must love brain popcorn too, right?!), and we love iZombie (it's a great show on the CW. We're not affiliated, just big fans!)!! We were excited for the Season 2 premiere, so we decided to bring our two loves together and do an iZombie inspired photo shoot with a "Popcorn Brains" concoction that we created.

How do you make Popcorn Brains™?

First you need our exclusive Mushroom Popcorn kernels to create your zombie brains - and you need to pop according to our included instructions but don't worry, it's not hard and we're always here to help! Second, you need our Screaming Hot Popcorn Pepper Oil. Why so spicy? Well, if you watch iZombie, you'll know that zombies need to super spice their food in order to taste anything! It's a scientific fact!

Our Mushroom Popcorn is available now in 3 sizes as well as in Organic (see below), but you'll have to put your name on the Waiting List for the Screaming Hot Popcorn Pepper Oil. It's new and exclusive to Just Poppin and it's coming soon!

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