Apple Pie Popcorn Seasoning
Apple Pie Shake On Popcorn Seasoning

Apple Pie Popcorn Seasoning

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We are sorry, but Apple Pie Popcorn Seasoning has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please check out our Popcorn Seasonings page for other yummy options.

Apple Pie Popcorn Seasoning brings together two all American favorites. You know the song - "Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and...POPCORN!"  OK, so we changed it a little bit. But you know that popcorn is as much an American pastime as the other things in that list. And since baseball isn't a flavor and hotdog popcorn just sounds gross, we went with the apple pie.

This delicious Apple Pie Popcorn Seasoning is literally filled with sugar and spice and everything nice. Add a little melted popcorn butter to your freshly popped popcorn then sprinkle on this delicious flavor. It's like eating crunchy apple pie!

The convenient shaker container is almost 5" tall and holds nearly a half a pound of seasoning! So you, your family, your friends, your friends' families, the weirdos down the street who you don't really talk to but who will show up at your parties anyway, will all have plenty to shake on popcorn during those fun movie nights.

Due to the size & shape of the container, this item ships as if it weighs 1.25Lbs.

Contains NO MSG

4 Stars
good flavor, not so great application
Apple Pie Popcorn Seasoning has great flavor and smell, but suffers an issue common with many alternative popcorn flavorings: failure to grind the sugar (or salt, but sugar in this case) grains sufficiently. So, once you sprinkle it over your popcorn, most of it ends up at the bottom of your bowl. Whilst this is probably great if you want to save calories, it isn't so great if you, in fact, wanted that flavoring on your popcorn. A simple home remedy for this is to put a tablespoon of seasoning in your coffee grinder (I shouldn't have to say, but just in case: clean it first, or you will have coffee/apple flavored popcorn). You may want to grind extra and store it in an air tight container for later. The coffee grinder produces a perfect dust which can be lightly sifted on your popcorn, and almost none of which will end up on the bottom of the bowl. Oh, and clean the coffee grinder again :)
Reviewed by:  from Keizer, OR. on 10/5/2013
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