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Popping Sorghum
Popping Sorghum - Snack Food of the Future. TM

What is Sorghum grain you ask? And more specifically, what is Popping Sorghum? Popping Sorghum is known throughout much of the world as Jowar or milo. This gluten free grain is also known as sorghum seed. It is a fascinating and delicious new product (though it’s actually ancient) that pops like popcorn and is completely hulless after popping. The hull is so delicate that it just disintegrates – you’ll never know it was there. See below for more info.
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Popping Sorghum Grain 3 Lbs
Popping Sorghum Grain 3 Lbs
 14 Review(s)
Price: $9.75
Popping Sorghum Grain 2 Lbs
Popping Sorghum Grain 2 Lbs
 16 Review(s)
Price: $7.99
Popping Sorghum Grain 5 Lbs
Popping Sorghum Grain 5 Lbs
 10 Review(s)
Price: $16.25
Here are some cool Popping Sorghum facts:
  • Popping sorghum seeds are small. VERY small. But don’t let size fool you. They have HUGE flavor!
  • It is a super healthy whole grain food (containing calcium, magnesium, potassium & iron), low in calories and fat, and gluten free! This makes it great for Celiac sufferers.
  • Because it is essentially hulless, Popped Sorghum grain may also be tolerated and enjoyed by some sufferers of Crohn's disease and diverticulitis (please consult with your doctor).
  • It does have a lower yield than popcorn (meaning that up to 30%-40% of the grains may not pop) however, that's part of its charm. Many of the grains that don't pop are toasted in the process, making them crunchy, nutty and delicious! What doesn't pop or toast during popping can be carefully toasted further in the popper or even in your toaster oven. We sift out the un-popped grains (like you would old maids from popcorn) and make sure they are toasted. Then we just pop them into our mouth along with the popped grains and it is fantastic! (As always, remember to chew carefully.)
This tiny super grain has supported communities in Africa for centuries. Now join us in the latest craze that just happens to be healthy for you! Popping Sorghum - ancient grain...snack food of the FUTURE!TM

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