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Home > Popcorn Videos > Pop Sorghum Video: How to Pop Grain Sorghum Seeds Like Popcorn WITH Oil

How to Pop Grain Sorghum Seeds Like Popcorn: With Oil

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Popping Sorghum Grain 2 Lbs
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jennie from JustPoppin.com and today we are going to be popping Popping Sorghum using the oil in a pot method.

I don't know if you've ever seen sorghum before, it's these cute little grains and they pop tiny, crunchy and delicious.

We have the stove on medium.

I've added 2 teaspoons of olive oil already. We're just waiting for it to get shimmery.

And incidentally 2 teaspoons of olive oil is 80 calories. So it's a very healthy snack.

The oil is shimmery and ready to go. I'm going to add the sorghum grains and just get my pot glove on here. Give a little shake.

I've got my splatter screen ready here.

Because it really doesn't pop very high so we're actually able to do this without a lid on the pot. But a splatter screen is always a good idea. Mostly just to avoid burns from the oil.

Which is why I have my glove on my stirring hand.

And as soon as it starts popping we're going to turn that stove down to about 4 so...

And...One little pop. There we go. OK so it's just about 4. You can hear it get going now.

It actually doesn't take too long. Woo!

We're actually using the pot from our stovetop popcorn popper. But since a lot of folks don't have those we thought it might be nice to show you how to pop without a popper. And as you can see, it doesn't take much.

Just make sure the sides of your pot are high enough.

Otherwise you'll have a big ol' mess to clean up.

Smells delicious. The smell is so good yeah, it's making my mouth water.

Why don't you toss in that eh, we have a quarter teaspoon of Flavacol popcorn salt. And we use less in this than we do with actual popcorn. About half as much.

Could also add grated Parmasan cheese. Plain popcorn salt. Some sea salt. Mmmm. Drizzle it with chocolate when you're done. Now you're talkin'.

Some herbs. Grated cheddar cheese even.

You won't get 100% of the grains to pop.

But you'll get most of them popped so just keep an eye on it.

You don't want to burn what's already popped.

Ok, we're looking good.

Let's tip it out here.

And it will be HOT.

Shake it out on your plate or in your bowl.

It stays hot surprisingly long.

So let's just, so I don't burn myself, give it a little stir here.

And these unpopped ones are completely edible.

Mmm. Ahh. So good. Unlike old maids in popcorn, they're crunchy and so good.

Just remember to chew carefully.


Thanks for watching. And happy poppin!

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