Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Flavor Melt - Cheese Paste
Cheddar Cheese Paste for making Cheese Corn

Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Flavor Melt - Cheese Paste

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Introducing Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Flavor Melt™. It's premium cheese paste for your popcorn snacking pleasure.

We call it FlavorMelt™, because the flavor melts right onto your popcorn giving it an amazingly smooth, creamy texture and taste.

You can create authentic, gourmet style Cheese Corn with FlavorMelt™ Cheese Paste. It's never been easier!

Cheese paste gives your popcorn that deliciously rich cheesy flavor and color as well as the creamy texture you already know and love from gourmet popcorn shops. And it's made from real cheddar cheese too!

Each 12oz jar is enough to coat 4 gallon-sized batches of popcorn. Click on the info tabs above for more details.

Due to it's size and shape, the shipping weight for the Cheddar Cheese Paste is calculated at 3.5Lbs

5 Stars
Professional Style Cheese Corn
This is how you make real cheese popcorn at home. Hands down, this is the best stuff out there and I've been trying to make the kind of cheese corn you get at Garrett's for ages. I finally did it with this. Follow the instructions on the container and it will turn out great.
Reviewed by:  from Chicago, IL. on 7/21/2015
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5 Stars
Best Cheese Popcorn
Flavor Melt is the best cheese popcorn you can make at home. Great taste without paying top dollar at a specialty popcorn shop! Love it!
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 1/26/2016
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5 Stars
Cheese Melt
Always loved the cheese/caramel corn mix, but never found a cheese powder that was good. This stuff is awesome. Made my first batch last night and we ate the whole bowl. Gonna go thru this quick!!!
Reviewed by:  from Huntley . on 12/9/2016
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5 Stars
Best ever
i have tried the cheese powders and nothing I have tried compares to this Cheddar Cheese Flavormelt. I made a batch when I got it two weeks ago and I am going to get more and some for my friends and family. Good stuff!.
Reviewed by:  from Pocatello. on 11/21/2016
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5 Stars
I crave the cheese popcorn from the mall. We don't have a popcorn place here in my town so I took a chance and ordered this Cheese Popcorn (paste) flavoring. Made a batch as soon as I got the mail today and it is FANTASTIC. It's exactly like you can get at various mall locations. I'm hooked. Placing an order for more today. Highly recommend!!!
Reviewed by:  from Wyoming. on 10/27/2016
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5 Stars
Awesome Stuff!!
This cheese paste makes the best cheese popcorn at home, it is also super easy to make just follow the directions on the container. My wife is a self proclaimed cheese popcorn snob, she literally threw out a bag of cheese popcorn because it wasn't up to her standards, and this stuff is!! She has tried everything to copy the big named companies and never has been able to until now.
Reviewed by:  from Round Lake Beach, IL. on 2/22/2017
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5 Stars
Cheesy Goodness
Love this cheese paste. My husband came back 3 times for more. Simply delicious and tasted just like the expensive gourmet popcorn you get at the mail. Now we can have right in our home without the drive.
Reviewed by:  from Inglewood. on 4/1/2017
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5 Stars
Just like Garrett's...only better!
This stuff is amazing, and I don't even feel bad about eating a ton of it because it's made with real ingredients and real cheese! It's easy to use, coats the popcorn beautifully, and tastes incredible. This is the entire family's favorite snack!
Reviewed by:  from Cincinnati. on 3/30/2017
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4 Stars
Cheddar Cheese flavor melt - cheese paste
The paste was good, easy to follow directions, like the fact it was real cheese product. It is so far the closest to Tropical Island Popcorn out of Sarasota that I have found.
Reviewed by:  from Fort Myers. on 6/18/2017
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Questions and Answers

Q: Does this cheese flavormelt come any bigger?
Asked by: lauree martin - 1/21/2016
A: Right now the Cheddar Cheese Flavor Melt only comes in a 12oz jar. We may do a larger size in the future.

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Answer provided by:  Jennie (1/22/2016)

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